Starting October 22, the exhibition "Second floor to the right" is being staged by Museum of Brazilian Art (MAB-Centro) at FAAP's Lutetia building.

Works by nine artists who graduated from FAAP's Fine Arts School are being shown as part of the tenth module of a program supporting initial group exhibitions held in non-academic environments to ensure visibility for students' more in-depth treatment of issues they originally examined during their degree courses and presented for their final-year work.

"For these young artists there can be no going back, and their engagement arises from affirming and developing propositions and elaborations that they spent a substantial period of their lives working on during their formative periods. The beginning of this 'experience' is shown here, and the group must collectively find a way to take it forward," said Professor Marcos Moraes, coordinator of FAAP's Art Education course and the exhibition's curator.

The artists got a chance to develop a proposal to be combined with their investigative interests, and to explore and develop it within the actual limits of the temporal and spatial conditions allowed them: around two months planning, organizing and producing works, and the characteristics of the exhibition space at the museum. Without relinquishing their own procedures, they had to match their work to this situation and negotiate among themselves over areas occupied and issues shared in a process similar to arrangements increasingly found in the organizational processes for contemporary art exhibitions.

"Their works affirm the potential of coexisting and exchanging experiences posed for this group of young recent-graduates whose production is featured at this exhibition. [Their] creative works documented in the exhibition catalog feature their own research procedures, and the different ways in which these artists elaborate their own particular trajectories and developments. Their works represent media crossover and fusion, as well as research and use of content from different areas of knowledge"

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