The FAAP Brazilian Art Museum presents, from September 15th, the exhibition WORK: Klaus Mitteldorf – Photographs 1983-2013, which traces the trajectory of the 30 year career of the Brazilian photographer and filmmaker Klaus Mitteldorf and his numerous achievements in the visual arts, both in Brazil and abroad.


Curated by the researcher and critic Rubens Fernandes Junior, director and professor of the Communication and Marketing College at FAAP, the exhibition includes approximately 350 works, including photographs, videos and installations produced by the photographer. For the first time, it will be possible to compare studies performed in different periods, allowing the audience a full view of his work.


The exhibition will present moments that reveal the passion of the photographer by the colors, its technical and aesthetic perfection, beyond the search for freedom and self-permission to experience and express personal emotions and feelings. During the visit, the audience will be able to see the surrealism in his works, the power of direction on the models, nature's strong presence, particularly water, and other features that make his work so unique.


Klaus Mitteldorf is an architect, but was in the photography that he found a way to show his art. He upheld himself as one of the most daring and creative Brazilian photographers, soliciting broad international recognition for his work.