MAB Centro — 'Artist Residency as an environment for artistic practices' exhibition

The Museum of Brazilian Art (MAB Centro), located in building Edifício Lutetia, owned by FAAP, will present, starting on the September 20th, the "Artist Residency as an environment for artistic practices" exhibition.

Curated by Marcos Moraes, coordinator of FAAP's Visual Arts course, the exhibition will present a selection of projects, reports, notebooks, drawings, drafts and pictures related to researches and investigation procedures developed by resident artists.

The exhibition also collects records, documentation and statements, together with works from several media, such as video, painting, drawing, object, photography and collage, developed by artists that took part on FAAP's artistic residency program, in Cité des Arts, in Paris; artists attending in FAAP's Artistic Residency, in São Paulo; besides artists that joined the international artistic residency program, organized by FAAP in other countries.

Some of the artists present at the exhibition are: Ali Cherri, Bruno Cidra, Francesco Jodice, Henrique Cesar, Lara Almarcegui, Paulo Almeida, Renata Egreja, Rodolpho Parigi and Thiago Honório.

Besides being free, the exhibition also counts on people available to guide the visitors.