Works that have marked the career of Alexandre Gama in communication to date will be gathered in the exhibition “Ideia e Forma – Alexandre Gama”, that takes place at the Brazilian Art Museum (MAB-FAAP) from March 21st.

Curated by Rubens Fernandes Junior, researcher, photography critic and the Head of School of Communication and Marketing - FAAP, the exhibition is a unique initiative that, besides Gama's creations, features his view on creativity and on several arts applied to communication activity.

Alexandre Gama – FAAP's former student - is one of the most nationally and internationally successful communication creative professional and, besides that, he is the CEO, founder and president of Neogama. Moreover, he is the only Brazilian holding the position of Worldwide Chief Creative Officer in a global network of agencies, that is, the BBH Group, which is one of the most creative and recognized worldwide.

The space gathers works selected by Alexandre since he started working as a creative professional up to the present day, highlighting striking pieces at different levels in that Gama works - such as author, co-author and director of creative teams.

The works are presented from the applied art perspective, an activity that uses several specific arts such as cinema, music, photography, literature, architecture, and arts and performing arts, to shape the creative work into communication.

During the visit to the exhibition, the public will have the opportunity, for example, to be familiar with the details of creating process of several ideas, such as the movie "Gigante" (Giant), the first Brazilian production ever made for Johnnie Walker, the whiskey brand.

The film created by Gama in 2011 had many of its original scenes "appropriated" by a viral video during the 2013 protests in Brazil, also known as June Journeys, and generated a hashtag "#ogigante acordou" (#giantisawake), which obtained more than 62 million of impacts in the period of just two weeks.

It is part of the NeoEncontros series to present inspiration ideas and creative technique that Gama envisioned as a series of lectures and interviews that were captured on video with artists like Ferreira Gullar - Brazilian greatest living poet - and Marina Abramovic - international exponent of the performance art - they went to the Neogama head office to expose and discuss their work processes.

There is also a space for Architecture and Visual programming in the exhibition, which brings the project of Neogama head office creation and construction in Sao Paulo, that originated from a single and proper concept and based itself on a vision of "factory of ideas". The project was signed by the architects André Vainer and Guilherme Paoliello, and also Marcio Kogan, in charge of create a special design for a particular area in the agency. Claudia Issa was responsible for visual programming and identity and several pieces of this design work are also exposed. An area dedicated to the works from English BBH is also part of the exhibition.

FAAP is a pioneer in Brazil in valuing the applied art and, having a School of Communication and Marketing, it could not fail to promote an exhibition with such importance. In addition to honoring and giving the opportunity to show the experience of the creation years, FAAP invites an outstanding professional - who is a former student - to be in contact with its students, future professionals of communication that will experience this whole universe.