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Carmen Kass by Mario Testino
In Your Face - Mario Testino



From August 29, 2014, MAB-FAAP (Brazilian Arts Museum), in São Paulo, presents the works by one of the most influential fashion and portrait photographers: Mario Testino.

The exhibit In Your Face - first shown at Boston's Fine Arts Museum in 2012 and at the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA) in 2014 -- is an intimate and provocative angle of Testino's many viewpoints. It displays a large portion of his most daring and bold photographs, providing the viewer with firsthand contact with his world represented by 122 images that he personally selected.

Luxury brand Burberry is Mario Testino's partner in taking this exhibition to Brazil. Citroën is a co-partner, having SKY as its own media partner.

The exhibit is made to look like a permanent collection taken from a museum, where different artists and genres are displayed together. All of Mario Testino's various styles throughout his career can be found in the exhibit. Not even one of them is prevalent, which highlights provocative contrasts and contradictions in his works.

Testino himself ordered his art pieces, mingling together formal portraits with intimate snapshots, nudes with fashion photos, black & white with colored, framed images with engraved illustrations nailed to the walls.

His unique style and intuitive touch in capturing moments by creating emotional connection have made Mario Testino one of the world's most renowned photographers. In Your Face is a collection that combines key elements of contemporary culture, inviting viewers to enter an exquisite world of glamour, sensuality and sophistication.

This is the second time Mario Testino exhibits his works at FAAP. The first one being in 1998.