Starting August 13, FAAP's Brazilian Art Museum is celebrating its 50th anniversary with two exhibitions of works from its permanent collection: The Secret Discourse of Gaze and Tribute to Arcangelo Ianelli.

The museum was founded on August 9, 1961 with the inaugural exhibition Baroque in Brazil. Since then, we have held 515 exhibitions covering a wide range of genres. Our collection comprises around 3,000 works by Brazilian artists or foreign artists working in Brazil, some of which are permanently on view for visitors to our sculpture gardens or our buildings.

The Secret Discourse of Gaze exhibition consists of 29 pieces, including paintings, prints and drawings by artists from different periods in Brazilian art. Works range from those of Academic painters such as Belmiro de Almeida's oil Retrato de Moça [portrait of a girl] to contemporary painters Siron Franco, Mario Gruber and Carlos Araujo, and include the classics of Brazilian Modernism, Candido Portinari, Tarsila do Amaral, and Emiliano Di Cavalcanti. The exhibition is divided into four blocks corresponding to different states of the human gaze: inquiry, melancholy, introspection and repose.

"Viewing works of art, appreciating their technique, style, themes and cultural contextualization, is undoubtedly the most pleasurable of learning exercises. However, visitors focusing or directing their observation toward the eyes of the faces portrayed will meet with a universe of feelings, attitudes and states of mood revealed essentially by the power of the gaze, " notes curator José Luis Hernández Alfonso. Our aim here is to have visitors' appreciation focus on eyes in works, and track the path they follow, so that they may discover the different shades of their intentions, nuances in their messages, and the encoding of their forms. Use your eyes to follow their eyes, and enjoy the secret discourse of the gaze," added José Luis.

Tribute to Arcangelo Ianelli shows 43 works, including charcoal drawings, gouaches, pastels and watercolors, oils on canvas and wood, silkscreen prints and a Carrara-marble sculpture , covering all Ianelli's periods from the late 1940s to 2003. Two pieces are part of the permanent exhibition: a marble sculpture placed in the garden and one of the stained glass pieces of the large panel in FAAP's Building 1 foyer.

"Arcangelo Ianelli, well recognized for his role in Brazilian art, was a great friend and supporter of initiatives related to outreach for art, and we had the privilege of presenting the 2004 exhibition Ianelli. Os caminhos da Figuração [Ianelli - Paths of Figuration] organized by his children Kátia and Rubens. Ianelli showed his generosity in relation to FAAP's Brazilian Art Museum on a number of occasions, and his family has recently given us 12 paintings and a sculpture carefully chosen to dialogue with works already in the museum's collection," says Maria Izabel Branco Ribeiro. "Through this exhibition, we are expressing our gratitude for the appreciation Arcangelo Ianelli always showed FAAP's Brazilian Art Museum," adds the curator.

Exhibitions from FAAP's Brazilian Art Museum Collection:
The Secret Discourse of Gaze and Tribute to Arcangelo Ianelli.

from August 13 to December 11, 2011
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