The “Festival des Métiers” is an interactive exhibition brought for the first time in Brazil by Hermès. For ten days, eight crafstmen from the Hermès atelier in France will reveal the art behind the  handcraft by making a wide selection objects as if they were working in the Maison in France.

Visitors can watch, for example, the famous silk scarves being made under their eyes. Other iconic objects such as handbags, saddles, ties, watches, jewelry and porcelain come alive during the exhibition, under the rhythmic sound of the tools used by the artisans.

The exhibition provides a look behind the scenes of Hermès traditions and values by showing how high quality objects are made. At the same time, visitors can meet and talk to those who are behind the iconic accessories making, having the opportunity to observe the working process and note the experience of these professionals.

This interaction gives the opportunity of witnessing the whole process of developing a handmade piece, from the choice of raw material to the techniques mastered by the crafstmen.

The “Festival des Métiers “ has a contemporary setting, created by Paola Navone, a Milanese designer.  Before coming to São Paulo, the exhibition was in Bangkok, Thailand, earlier this year. After FAAP, the exhibition could be seen in Vienna, Austria.