Exposição - Retratos da Brasilidade


The richness and diversity present in Brazilian culture are the highlights of the exhibition “Retratos da Brasilidade” held by the Museum of Brazilian Art (MAB-FAAP), along with Centro Cultural da Câmara dos Deputados (the Chamber of Deputies Cultural Center). The exhibition takes place from June 4th at the Black Hall of the National Congress, in Brasília (DF).

This exhibition, that will have José Luis Alfonso Hernandez as curator, who also plays the same role at MAB-FAAP, will present 70 works, including engravings, paintings, photographs and sculptures from different periods, trends and techniques. The exhibition includes the official schedule of FIFA during the World Cup in Brazil.

During the visit, the public will have the opportunity to enjoy scenes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, focusing the work, human types, fauna, flora and traditional folk culture. The exhibition also features a side view of the great national passion, the soccer, and brings together 11 works on this topic, produced by artists and photographers as John Calixto, Klaus Mitteldorf, Thomaz Farkas, Livio Abramo, George Love and Castalia

Some of the works shown in the exhibition are the engravings by Johann Moritz Rugendas, showing scenes of the nineteenth century in Brazil; the painting Caboclas Montadas by Lasar Segall; the painting Carnaval by Emiliano Di Cavalcanti, and photos by Pierre Verger, which has the traditional folk culture as main theme. Moreover, the exhibition brings O Homem Brasileiro, the bronze sculpture by Ernesto De Fiori; the drawing Capoeira by Carybé; the painting "naif" Festa de São João by Aldir Sodré de Souza and the engraving Carnaval by Livio Abramo, among many others.

The exhibition aims to convey key aspects of Brazilian culture. Therefore, it presents works by artists from different periods and different artistic trends who are exponents of scholarship, modernism, contemporary art and manifestations of "naif" art.