After the great success of the exhibition “Flávio de Carvalho na Coleção MAB-FAAP” held in 2013, the Museum of Brazilian Art from FAAP (MAB-FAAP) is back presenting the artist work, who died 40 years ago.

The exhibition, whose curator is José Luis Hernández Alfonso, brings together 103 works, being 32 originals, including paintings, watercolors and Naquin.
Moreover, it presents a model of the Capuava Farm, in Valinhos, where Flávio de Carvalho used to live and was designed by him - and reproductions of masks created for the stage show "The Ballet of the Dead God.".

Visitors can also check out photographs that depict the artist, their partners and intellectuals of the time and his architectural designs, as well as a reproduction of part of the costume designed by Flávio de Carvalho called "New Look," which shocked the population at the time it was created.

Graduated in Engineering, Flávio de Carvalho executed audacious and innovative projects for the time; these projects were considered pioneers of Brazilian modernist architecture.
As a painter, his works show an expressionist tendency, revealed especially in his favorite subject: the portrait.

His works reveal a period of searches, experiments, exercises and consolidation of Brazilian arts and culture in the twentieth century and that, nowadays, still inspires new generations of artists.

MAB-FAAP is a cultural institution that has the largest collection of works authored by Flávio de Carvalho.