The records made by two photographers at the cities of Beijing, Xi´an and Shanghai, are shown at the "China under Brazilian eyes" exhibition, to be held at FAAP, starting on the September 26th. 

Curated by the researcher and photography critic, prof. Rubens Fernandes Jr, the exhibition unites nearly 20 images that reflect the daily lives of the residents, and the cities' every day lives. The pictures were produced by the photographers Lívia Aquino and Elisete Borim, who visited the country in mid-July. Together, they collected over 3 thousand images, which were specially selected by the exhibition curator.

Elisete Borim produced a set of pictures called "Sentido (não) figurado" ((Non) figurative sense), which presents the records made while walking through the cities, something that she considered touching.

Lívia Aquino's work is called "Recontro". It is about a record of an action consisting of establishing a visual contact with people with whom she could not communicate.

The photographers went to the country, invited by the Institute Confúcio for FAAP's business, as part of the celebrations for the 10th birthday of the Institute Confúcio, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Beijing, aiming to promote the Chinese language and culture to the world, through associates like FAAP.

The exhibition runs until the October 11th, in São Paulo, and then it goes to the campus of the institution, in Ribeirão Preto. The exhibition will be on display from November 6th to December 6th.

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