Exercise of Art

Curated by Prof. Maria Izabel Branco Ribeiro, director of MAB-FAAP, the exhibition O exercício da arte. FAAP, seus professores e alunos no acervo (The exercise of art. FAAP, its teachers and students in the collection) includes about 70 works, such as paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints, produced by 48 artists.

The works were created by artists who have been or are still part of the FAAP's faculty and alumni who are currently artists or have devoted themselves to teaching and returned to FAAP as teachers.

Several generations are represented in the exhibition, including former professors Clóvis Graciano, Regina Katz and Sandra Cinto, besides current professors as Nicolas Vlavianos. Alumni as Carmela Gross, Jac Leirner and Jum Nakao as well as professors and alumni Maria Teresa Louro, Geórgia Kyriakakis, Carlito Contini, among many others that expose their work on the exhibition.

The exhibition consists of works created from the 1940s to the present day. As an example, the curator highlights the oldest production: Transparency in India ink on paper, by the artist and former professor at FAAP, Clovis Graciano. And, as a curiosity, the installation Tribute to Brothers Quay, produced by Jum Nakao simultaneously to his collection 2003/2004. In the work, the designer pays tribute to Americans Stephen and Timothy Quay who, in the 1970`s, did animated films with puppets and techniques used by Britons and Czechs in the late nineteenth century.

Other highlights are the works of artists of today that stand out in cultural circuit as those produced by alumni Rodolpho Parigi, Flávia Junqueira and Amanda Mei.