The Brazilian Arts Museum (MAB-Centro), located in the Lutetia Building, owned by FAAP, is to hold, as of April 27, the Equivocábulos exhibit.

The exhibit garners paintings, photographs, objects, designs and video projection, created by eleven Plastic Arts graduates, from FAAP School of Plastic Arts, in 2012, namely: Alessandra Falbo, Clara Alves, Cristiana Bei, Daniel de Paula, Deborah Santiago Guimarães, Estela Miazzi, Gabriel Torggler Silva, Janaina Wagner, Julia Armentano, Marcus Vinicius and Serena Labate.

With works specially created for the exhibition space, the artists display their baggage acquired along the years of study and development, thus setting off in their professional trajectories within the arts circuit.

Those artists’ creation features systems that are proper of research, according to every development path they have run, besides representing media cross-checking and merger, as well as investigation and the use of contents from different areas of knowledge.

Under the guardianship of Professor Marcos Moraes, coordinator of FAAP Visual Arts course, the exhibit is the outcome of the work developed at the School of Plastic Arts and it is performed based on the reflections originated within the process of completion and final assessment of the course. In addition to presenting those artists’ production to the public, the exhibit has as one of its objectives to give them an opportunity to live every one of the development stages for this kind of activity.

The students have undergone all the necessary phases before the exhibit, such as: acquaintance with the physical space of the exhibition, selection of works, elaboration of a museum-graphic project, production to make the setting up of the work viable within the exhibition space, besides all the further stages required for a proper exhibit project.

In parallel with the opening of the exhibit, on April 27, there will be the Open Studio, event in which the ones interested will have the opportunity to meet the artists residing in Arts Residency, supported by FAAP in the Lutetia Building, the projects under development in the city of SP, the techniques they use and their perceptions of the city.

Residing artists: Mattia Denisse (France/ Portugal), Zoè Gruni (Italy/ Brazil), Ana de la Cueva (Mexico/ USA), Natasha Mendonça (India), Ernesto Klar (Venezuela/ USA), Biel Carpenter (Brazil), Guillaume Pazat (France/ Portugal) and his assistant Martim Ramos (Portugal) and Catarina Botelho (Portugual).

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