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After passing through different countries in Latin America, Agatha vs Agatha exhibition is in Brazil and will present 35 costumes by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, a Spanish designer, that shows the evolution of her brand creative process, from 1980s to today.

The designer’s creation is a form of artistic expression and the 35 pieces presented reflect her mood and optimism through the use of strong colors and eccentric shapes. Her goal is to create a colorful and lively world showing a strong personality within a maximalist universe. Currently, Agatha displays her work in some of the world's most famous art museums in cities like Milan, Barcelona and Lisbon.

According to MAB-FAAP director, prof. Maria Izabel White Ribeiro, the pieces represent well the designer’s freedom to new experiences. She explains that some of the references used by the designer are very clear and identified at first glance: the pop art vocabulary, cartoon images, the world of advertising images and the logic of the absurd  based on the surreal constructions. Moreover, the pieces make references to literary works, specific periods of the history of art and fashion, references to artists and some fashion designers.