Considered a reference in contemporary art, the Art Annual - a visual arts exhibition created by students of Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) - reaches its 45th edition.

The traditional exhibition includes works produced using different supports, techniques and medium, selected by a committee formed by professionals from the art circuit such as artists, researchers, critics, curators and professors of the Faculdade de Artes Plásticas of FAAP (Faculty of Arts). They are: Aline Van Langendonck, Galciani Neves, Marcos Moraes and Ronaldo Entler.

In each edition, two artists are invited to participate of the Annual. This year we will have Anaísa Franco and Daniel de Paula. The artists will present works created ​​from the period they were in the Cité des Art, in the Artist-in-residence Program held by FAAP since 1997, in Paris. Besides the works, documents and materials - showing the creation processes - will be displayed, documenting the research developed by the artists throughout the six months in the residency program.

"The strategy of having a guest artist someone that maintains or has maintained a relationship of teacher or student with the Faculdade de Artes Plásticas (Faculty of Arts) expands the opportunity of possible dialogues between the creation of current visual arts students with professionals that are inserted in the art world. The presence of these students in the exhibition increases the possibility of relationships among different levels of the art world and strengthens the relationship with history and the work conducted in the Curso de Artes Visuais of FAAP (Visual Arts Course)".

Created and organized annually by FAAP since 1964, it is seen as one of the most traditional and enduring exhibition compared to the others in the city of São Paulo, playing a prominent role nationwide.

André Komatsu, Flavia Junqueira, Graziela Kunsch, Guilherme Peters, Lia Chaia, Marcela Tiboni, Marcelo Cidade, Marcius Galan, Mariana Palma, Marina Rheingantz, Marina Saleme, Maurício Ianês, Mauro Piva, Monica Nador, Rafael Assef and Rodolpho Parigi are some of those who have previously participated of this event.

Over its five decades, the Art Annual makes artists known and innovates the concept of contemporary art and creativity. Its goal is to encourage students' artistic production, and create a space for reflection from new ideas and insights about art, having education as a tool and interface.

"FAAP is a centralized point of art and culture that allows people to experience and experiment arts seriously and in accordance with the requirements of the art system. If art enhances the prospects of dialogue and approaches artists and participants, then the space of the Annual increases greatly that prospect, bringing it to the institutional space of education. The art instigates, denounces, questions, provokes reflections and enables new ways of thinking, "says professor Marcos Moraes, exhibition curator and coordinator of the Visual Arts Course of FAAP.

Formed by leading professionals in the field of visual arts and engaged in national and international art circuit, the Award Committee will give seven scholarships among the selected artists: three annual scholarships with 90% of discount on the course fee, two scholarships with 75% of discount and two scholarships with 60% of discount.

The exhibition has a catalog containing the photographic record of these artists' works who launch themselves in the market. The publication is a portfolio for FAAP students who have stood out, since college, in national and international art circuit. This year, the catalog will have an electronic version that can be accessed through FAAP website.

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