As of November 13, FAAP's Brazilian Art Museum will be holding the 44th FAAP Annual Art exhibition, which is acclaimed as a key reference for the arts locally.

The event was first held in 1964 and has been organized annually ever since to display visual artwork by FAAP students. It has now become one of the most traditional and enduring of São Paulo's contemporary art exhibitions.

The 44th FAAP Annual Art Exhibition features 37 works produced by 29 students as a means of overviewing the experiences of contemporary artistic practices developed by the Foundation's students, particularly works related to visual-art research.

Reflecting its long history and presence in the city's art circuit, the exhibition's profile is a proposal specifically for selecting, showing, and articulating a number of works in the area of the visual arts – highlighting the potential for further development of this visual production. Another key feature of the Annual Exhibition is broad-based participation. The entry and selection process is open to the entire FAAP community, translating the school's mission of encouraging and supporting creative, artistic and cultural activities.

Now in its 44th year, FAAP's annual art exhibition is once again posed as a means of favoring  innovation and creative potential by integrating the  Foundation’s institutional mission of encouraging and supporting artistic and cultural production in line with its aims and ideals,, but also and particularly enhancing the work of the School of Visual Arts by offering conditions and support for external visibility of its contemporary production, as the object of investigation and professional education that is crucial for the School's work. This support involves reaffirming the significance of work done by faculty and students, as well as our belief in the role and potential of art as a vital agent in the contemporary world's process of reflection and transformation.

The exhibition brings together proposals highlighted by the selection committee of professionals from different areas of artistic production and practice - artists, researchers, critics, curators, historians, and professors at FAAP’s Visual Arts School. In selecting students and their entries, they have articulated an overall view of the works submitted.

There will also be an awards committee to select seven works from the best entries submitted this year. Criteria for selection, according to Professor Marcos Moraes, FAAP's Visual Arts coordinator, should prioritize potential for media experimentation, research in artistic language with quality proposals and consistency with contemporary references. Selected artists will be awarded 90%, 75% and 60% scholarships.

Cité des Arts

 In parallel with FAAP's 44th Annual Art exhibition, Henrique César and Thiago Honorio from FAAP's artistic residency program at Cité des Arts in Paris will be showing works, as well as references and materials used in their processes, results of their investigations, and developments from work done during their residency  in Paris.

Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) has been developing the Cité des Arts residency program for 15 years, since 1997, under an agreement between the two foundations. We continue to offer special conditions and temporary residence for artists needing such opportunities to advance their creative work.

The program, the only one of its kind run by a Brazilian educational institution, will ensure the presence of Brazilian artists and their experience of 'being in residence' in Paris for its duration of 50 years. You are welcome to come and view the results.



November 13, 2012 through February 10, 2013

Brazilian Art Museum - Cultural Hall, FAAP

Opening times:
Tuesday to Friday - 10 am to 8 pm
Saturday, Sunday and holidays - 1 pm to 5 pm
(closed Mondays, including public holidays)

Rua Alagoas, 903 – Higienópolis | São Paulo/SP

Details: 11 3662-7198

Guest artists (from FAAP's artist residency program, Cité des Arts, Paris): Henrique César and Thiago Honorio

November 23, 2012 - Meeting with Selection Committee

February 6, 2013 Meeting with guest artists Thiago Honório and Henrique César.