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Bandeira Brasil
Exposição Da coleção: 1961-2021 - 01 de maio/2021 até 26 de junho/2021!


The solo exhibition Sobre Rodas (On Wheels) shows unseen works by Laerte Ramos, the selected artist in the program Mezanino Aberto (Open Loft) 2022. The artist presents a series of woodcut prints created over 18 years (spanning from 2000 through 2018), starting when Ramos was still a student in the Visual Arts program at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP).

The series of prints presents imaginary machinery on wheels, demonstrating the transformation they have endured over almost two decades of production. The machine’s universe is a constant theme in Ramos’s investigations. The artist has been in close contact with books and technical drawings since he was a child thanks to his father, who worked for many years in a car factory. 

Aside from viewing the woodcuts, visitors will also have the opportunity to watch the documentary Só, sobre solo, sobre um solo só (Lonesome, on soil, on a lonesome soil), which focus on the production of the series Sobre Rodas, considered by the artist his most relevant work so far. Produced by Stadium Generale, the documentary shows an immersion in this great production, featuring testimonials from the artist himself and other professionals involved with the work over the years. 

The book Guia Sobre Rodas (Guide On Wheels), a special edition containing all the works in the series for consultation, is also in the exhibition.

Furthermore, visitors will be able to download a free 20-page zine produced by the artist containing illustrations and instructions about the exhibition from a QR code for the duration of the exhibition. The distribution of this material speaks of Ramos’s essential belief in sharing his work with the public while bringing them closer to the poetic questions the artist explores and making access to art possible in different ways other than the in loco experience.

About the artist

Laerte Ramos is an outstanding Brazilian contemporary artist, especially known for his production in ceramics and printmaking. His work also encompasses other languages and mediums such as video making, installation, performance, and urban action. Ramos completed his Visual Arts degree from FAAP in 2001. His artistic investigations have been concerned with mediums of image reproduction, serialization in different supports, and the artwork’s relation to the cities where they are produced or exposed.

Ramos has participated in important group exhibitions, and, over the last 20 years, has exhibited work in several solo exhibitions both in Brazil and abroad. He has also taken part in different international artist-in-residence programs (in France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Portugal, and China), and is the recipient of several awards, most notably the Le Locle Prints Acquisition Prize (2004), the Marcantônio Vilaça Prize (Brazilian Ministry of Culture, 2012 and 2013) and the Artists’ International Exhibition Prize (São Paulo’s Biennial Foundation and the Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2011). Ramos has recently represented Brazil at the Expo Milano 2015 with a large ceramic installation that had occupied the Octógono space in São Paulo’s Pinacoteca the previous year. 

About the Mezanino Aberto Program 

Mezanino Aberto (Open Loft) is a program developed by the Museum of Brazilian Art at FAAP (MAB FAAP) to honor artists who have graduated from FAAP and other people who have been a part of the institution’s history, including current and former professors, allowing them to showcase their work to the public.

Besides gaining access to the museum’s exhibition venue, selected artists receive grant funding for production, mounting staff, visual identity, visitors’ guides, among other necessary expenses.

The first artist awarded by the program was Paulo Almeida, who presented the installation “From the collection: 1961 – 2021” in 2021.