The MAB-Centro - extension of the Museum of Brazilian Art of FAAP - located in the historic center of São Paulo, introduce the exhibition “ROOM”, from April 9.

The exhibition brings together works of students graduated in the course of Visual Arts at FAAP, in the second term of 2015. It will be exhibited the works of Alexander Dejonghe, Ana Ladeira, Cleo Döbberthin, Livia Felippe, Marcos Wyvern and Stefanie Weltzer, in a number of artistic manifestations.

The aim is to provide young artists with the opportunity to enter the cultural and art scene by showing their productions and background gained over the years studying at FAAP's School of Visual Arts.

"Room" is the chance to explore words, conceptions, ideas, designs, processes, exchange, coexistence and works, explains Professor Marcos Moraes, the Visual Arts course coordinator at FAAP's. "It is at this time that students enunciate, once than ever, their concerns, proposing to reflect, based on the exhibition's title, about the space, or even geographic, condition of this environment where they will be present for some time", he says.