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The Exhibition

Museu de Arte Brasileira (MAB FAAP) is to host Art Paper/Paper Art, an exhibition featuring handcrafted paper experiences and technologies and their use in artistic language as an initiative of the Brazil-Bulgaria cultural exchange project led by Ellora Ateliê and the Amateras Foundation.

The exhibition's three sections named “Ancient Messages”, “Roots” and “Innovations in Paper” will be revisiting historical and symbolic aspects of the cultures and backgrounds of artists and their countries.

For the “Ancient Messages” section, Bulgarian artists Daniela Todorova and Todor Todorov show scrolls, installations and sculptures to recreate a space from Bulgaria’s temple of spirituality and historical attainments, including icons from archaeological sites and documents from legacies of different peoples through history.

“Roots” will show experiences from the Bulgarian sojourn of Brazilian artists Ângela Barbour and Eliana Anghinah, whose pictorial Circulars series used banana fibers with a wide range of hues reflecting place of origin and soil.

Their forms reflect the presence of circles in nature and several everyday objects while the goldplated intervention refers to Bulgaria's heritage treasures.

Ângela Barbour's installation refers to roots from both countries - Bulgaria and Brazil. Laser-engraved paper, images printed on special paper, and antique books bound in golden and silken thread create a space for reflection in which visitors will detect their own references and identify with the piece.

Innovations in Paper” is a sample of contemporary art on paper featuring innovations and ideas from the Amateras Foundation's international collection previously shown at Sofia Paper Art Fest in Bulgaria.

This collection of over 1,500 works of art from around the world includes installations, objects, artist books and digital works. MAB FAAP will present pieces showing different ideas, techniques, experimental technologies and new outdoor-sculpture theories as well as trailers for theatrical productions.

Cultural exchange

The Brazil-Bulgaria cultural exchange project started in September 2016, when artists Daniela Todorova and Todor Todorov came to Brazil for a congress held to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA), including an exhibit named From Nature to Nature created by artist Eliana Anghinah and curated by Ângela Barbour.

Paper making and its artistic use will feature in different stages as part of the exchange experience. In May this year, Brazil was honored at the Sofia Paper Art Festival 2017 around the concept “Save Nature Through Art”. Eliana Anghinah and Ângela Barbour were there with their individual exhibits Earth Views and Seeds of Time.

MAB FAAP will host the Paper Art Week exhibition in October. Finally, Ângela and Eliana will be showing at the 2018 Sofia Paper Art Fest and IAPMA Congress in Bulgaria.

Support for this project has been provided by Bulgaria's embassy in Brazil and the companies Arjo Wiggins, Trodat-Trotec and Moinho Brasil.

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