From March 10th to April 28th , 2002 - Salão Cultural

The event, that also celebrates 130 years of the birth of Donna Olívia Guedes Penteado, with curator Denise Mattar, analyzes the proposals and accomplishments in the Modernist Movement, focusing the figure of this great maecenas of the modern art in Brazil.

The exhibition shows through Donna Olivia, the years 1923 to 1934, period when artists and intellectuals had ripened, starting from an incipient modernism to nationalistic questions of the "Anthropophagous Manifesto” from 1928, until the creation of The Pro-Modern Art Society (SPAM – Sociedade Pró Arte Moderna) and The Club’s Moderns Artists (CAM – Clube dos Artistas Modernos) in 1932. The exhibition is composed by 96 works between oils, engravings, drawings and watercolors.