On February 14, FAAP's Museum of Brazilian Art is opening the exhibition
Moments and Movements - Photographs from the MAB-FAAP Collection


The exhibition's curatorial design by Rubens Fernandes Junior brings together some 170 images from the museum's photograph collection

Visitor will get a chance to appreciate works by renowned photographers Alexandre Battibugli, Orlando Brito, Pierre Boucher, Clicio, Mario Cravo Neto, Valdir Cruz, J. R. Duran, Juan Esteves, Thomaz Farkas, Antonio Guerreiro, Bob Gruen, Jairo Goldflus, Marcos Hermes, Horst P. Horst, Stane Jagodic, Marisa Alvarez Lima, German Lorca, George Love, Jean Manzon, Miro, Nana Morães, Jean Moral, Morgade, Sarah Moon, Eduardo Simões, Jean Solari, Regina Stella, Otto Stupakoff, Mario Testino, Luiz Tripolli, Paulo Vainer, Pierre Verger, Amilton Vieira, and Bob Wolfenson.

"The exhibition presents an interesting range of photographic procedures and way of capturing the visible world to offer a panoramic reflection of contemporary modern photography. A kind of echo that creates stimulating appreciation and understanding of both differing movements in photography over various historical periods and synchronous works too," noted Rubens Fernandes Junior.

As a means of highlighting the wide range of authors and themes shown, the exhibition is divided into segments in order to create a guiding thread or journey that brings out both the power of the images shown as well as the unique character of each set of works grouped by author.

Segments - different roads and procedures
Fashion, behavior and style
The body and its forms
The portrait: attitudes and actions in front of cameras
Experimentation and dreams
Photomontage (Stane Jagodic)

MAB-FAAP's Photograph Collection

MAB-FAAP's photograph collection has grown qualitatively in recent years. The curatorial approach here is modern and contemporary work. The criteria used for selecting works to be acquired for the collection include both the technical excellence and the singularity of images. The aim is to gradually build a collection that contains a broad range of authorial photography in both technical and expressive terms, and has a prominent presence in the visual arts panorama.

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