The Mab-Downtown located at Edificio Lutetia from FAAP, presents, from 8th March to 28th April, the exhibition “Flávio de Carvalho. Portraits and Memories”.

The exhibition assembles 12 paintings from the Museum of Brazilian Art collection, as well as documental photographs from the artist in all areas he was involved: architecture, scenography, performances and his daily life. The exhibition also shows a re-creation of the masks used at the play “The Dead God Dance”, which he wrote, and of the famous blouse he wore in his parade in São Paulo.

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Date: from 8th March to 28th April 2007

Place: MAB-Downtown
           Edifício Lutetia - 1st floor

Hours: from Mondays to Fridays,
            from 10am to 6pm
            Closed on Saturdays and             Sundays