The exhibition includes works that are part of the personal collection of the teacher and artist Dante Velloni. The pieces were carefully selected from the artistic production in different countries in the period between 1973 and 1986. His collection was fully formed by exchanging works of artists from Brazil, Japan, Argentina, United States, Poland, Germany, Italy, Uruguay and England, with whom he had contact at that time.

With works from 46 artists, the exhibition shows prints, drawings and collages divulged via mail by their authors; researches performed with photocopies, records of performances and discussions on the body.

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Date: From September 19th to December 05th of 2008

Place: FAAP - Ribeirão Preto

Address: Av. Independência, nº 3670 – Jardim Flórida

Information: (16) 3913-6309/3913-6307

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