From May 18th to July 7th , 2002 - Sal„o Cultural

FAAP receives and displays works of art with the theme of war, by Otto Dix and Lasar Segall. The two artists were from the same generation and had been good friends. The images in this exhibition translate the fervours and the drama of that time.

The exhibition shows 50 engravings of the series "The War" from Otto Dix, in 1924, through his experience during the First World War. "During years, during at least ten years, I always had these dreams, where I saw myself obligated to creep through houses in ruins." said Sr. Dix.

From Lasar Segall we have 74 watercolor engravings, composing the notebook "Vision of the War", showing the afflicted view of the Jewish artist who followed from Brazil the destruction and the persecution during Second World War.