MAB – Brazilian Art Museum - FAAP – presents, from
April 13th, for the first time in Brazil, the exhibition
"Nano, Poetics of a New World"

Held by the Schools of Engineering and Computer Science of FAAP, and with the direction of Anna Barros, the exhibit is compounded of six interactive installations, incorporating art, science and technology - created by the media artist Victoria Vesna and by the nanoscientist James Gimzewski, both from the University of California – USA.

The idea is to draw the visitors into a dive to the invisible world of nanotechnology - through a poetic and metaphoric presentation - showing its impact on culture and human consciousness. Furthermore, the visitor will have the opportunity to understand how the atoms and molecules behave in his own world. Through electronically-processed images, a trip is set up to the field of science - still unknown by the imagination - kingdom of art.

The exhibited works are the result of six years of production by Gimzewski and Vesna, and have already been presented to the public in various museums and international events, such as the Los Angeles County Museum (2004), a Nano Techonology Exhibition, in the Singapore Science Center (2007), and the Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art, in Seville, Spain (2007).

The installations in the exhibition are:

The space of the installation is transformed into a three-dimensional virtual reality through the projection of an animation of buckyballs – the form of the molecule of Carbon 60 (C60), similar to a soccer ball - on the walls. A computer program allows the interaction of the shadow of the visitors with these objects, modifying their shape under the laws of quantum physics. In this work, the nano scale was expanded to human scale.
A video projection, on a table with sand, which shows the construction of a mandala, by Tibetan monks. The video recreates the route of its start, in a grain of sand until the end of the work, demonstrating a way from the smaller to the larger, contrary to what is usually seen. The nanoscientists, as well as the Buddhists, interpret the universe from the point of view of the complexification.

Here we have kaleidoscopes of approximately two meters long, inserted in the wall. They show Nanomandala and Zerowave videos in real time, followed with sounds which are produced by the cells.

Fluid Bodies
Some texts on nanotechnology, formed by particles, are projected on the external wall of Zerowave and react to the presence and movements of the visitors.

Quantum Tunnel
It is formed by two mirrored spaces, with special surveillance cameras on each end that capture the face of the visitors. The images, projected on both extremes and duplicated by mirrors, refer to the process of atoms, in the quantum world, crossing a barrier of energy which creates a "tunnel". These images suffer alterations due to the overlay of other faces. The sound performs an echo route.

Blue Morph
This work is the most recent one from the authors and allows experiencing the cellular changes of the tissues of a caterpillar-butterfly. The visitors can hear the sound of the tissues in mutation, through the expansion of cellular vibration, obtained by an Atomic Force Microscope - AFM. This is possible because the equipment scans the topography of the surfaces and the vibrations are amplified to the level of the human hearing capacity. This is one of the latest discoveries in nanoscience. The work is dazzling

This is the second major exhibition promoted by the Faculty of Computer and Information Technology. In 2005, "FAAP iNOVA," presented ten international works that were arranged in a completely futuristic environment, in which the visitor could experience the most varied stimuli through the effects of light and shadow, colors, movements, mirrors and interactive panels.

Parallel to the exhibit, James Gimzewski and Victoria Vesna will give two workshops about the impact of Nano in the present and future cultures, on April 15th.

Exhibition "Nano, Poetics of a New World"

Date: From April 13th to June 1st, 2008.
Schedule: From Tuesday to Friday – 10:00AM to 20:00 PM.
Saturdays and Sundays, from 10:00AM to 20:00 PM.
Place: Brazilian Art Museum - (MAB-FAAP)
Address: Rua Alagoas, 903 – Higienópolis
School visits: (11) 3662-7000

Free Admission

Workshop “The Nano Impact in the Present and Future Cultures.

Date: Tuesday – April 15th.
Schedule: From 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 07:00 PM to 20:00 PM
Place: FAAP’s Convention Center
Address: Rua Alagoas, 903 – Higienópolis
School visits: (11) 3662-7000
Registration: (11) 3662-7362 or e-mail:

Free Admission


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