FAAP - Brazilian Art Museum presents, from August 10th, the exhibition "CINEMA IN POSTERS". Under the direction of the teachers Rubens Fernandes Junior and Maximo Barro, the exhibition includes about three hundred posters from illustrators as Benício, Ziraldo, Lina Bo Bardi, Angeli, among others, which are part from the three-thousand-piece collection of the School of Communication and Marketing of FAAP.

The exhibition is divided into 18 sections displaying posters of domestic and foreign productions - from the 10’s of the last century to our present day - such as Sunny Side (1919), Lost Treasure (1927), Metropolis (1927), Berlin, Symphony of a City (1927), Gone with the Wind (1939), O Ébrio – (The Drunkard) (1946), When the Night Ends (1950), Jeca Tatu (1960), Keeper of Promises (1962), Super Female (1973), City of God (2002), among others. One of the sections presents film posters produced by FAAP’s former students, as well as FAAP’s teachers.

The idea is to make the visitor face different moments in the history of art, cinema and design. According to Professor Rubens Fernandes Junior, through these posters you can not only realize their iconographic importance, but also draw a history, synchronizing the techniques of printing, the different styles of representation, the design, the cinema, that is, the demonstrations of the various moments and movements of human life. "FAAP has dedicated itself and kept that history as an essential part of the collective memory", states the director.

The stage design will be signed by the brothers Tito and Chantal Ficarelli, from ARKITITO office, and it will be inspired in the city of Sao Paulo of the 40’s.

The posters selected for the exhibition are part of FAAP’s Cinemateque collection, started in the 80’s. The purpose of FAAP’s Cinemateque, coordinated by Professor Barro Maximo, was to create a set of information - posters, photographic still and films – intended for serving the School of Communication and Marketing of the institution, and also establish itself as a centre of reference in cinema for students, teachers and researchers.

Since 1995, it has been seen through a perspective that quests for graphic and artistic qualities. This new phase brought the valorization of the collection, which is to transform and give to it the role of a significant piece of information that might lead to reflections on specific moments in history, through movie posters. An ephemeral document, but impregnated with socio-cultural content.


Exposition "Cinema in Posters"

Place: Brazilian Art Museum - FAAP - Cultural Room
Rua Alagoas, 903 - Higienópolis
Exhibition: From August 10th to September 12th, 2008.
Visiting schedule: Form Tuesday to Friday - 10 AM to 20 PM
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 1 PM to 5 PM
Information: (11) 3662-7198
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