From August 19th to November 3rd, 2002 - Salão Cultural and MAB

This exhibition traces the history of Chinese art, showing works of art and materials used in each period from the Neolithic Era to the Qing Dynasty, passing by popular art, art at the period of Mao Tsé Tung, and the avant-garde of the contemporary art – after the Cultural Revolution’s end.

The exhibition also shows some works of the artist Chang Dai – Chien, considered one of most important painters of the history of Chinese art, and a special room dedicated to the leader Mao Tsé Tung.

Imperial Art: Curated by Jean - Paul Desroches, this part presents 110 pieces of the Guimet Museum in France, and 5 works from Portugal. The curator chose in the collection of the Guimet Museum what was necessary to illustrate the great moments of Chinese civilization, covering the period from 1644 up to 1911.

The Daily’s Art: This part presents about 1000 collector’s items from François Daustresme, and portrays the Chinese customs: the art of living and necessity.

Contemporary Art: Curated by Jean-Marc Decrop, this part presents 93 works of art, and shows a historical period of unclasp of the Chinese avant-garde, born in 1985, after the Cultural Revolution’s end and the death of Mao Tsé Tung.

See here some images from the exhibition