From December 1st, 2002 to March 9th, 2003 - Salão Cultural

This exhibition was first presented in Spain, at the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM)- between August 2000 and January 2001. Jorge Schwartz, the general curator, brought these 400 works of art to FAAP.

A chronological overview of “From Anthropophagy to Brasilia” was represented by paintings, engraving, sketches, manifests, books, magazines, catalogues, programs, manuscripts, photographs, films (artistic and documentary), posters of cinema, partitions, calligram, tapestries, classic form of clothing, architecture’s plants and scale models.

The focus of this exhibition was showing the trajectory of modernism, since the previous manifestations to the “Semana de Arte Moderna – 1922” (Week of Modern Art – 192) until the architectural project of Brasilia.

This exhibition received two prizes:

1. Best research curator, given to Jorge Schwartz in 2002 from Associação Paulista dos Críticos de Arte - APCA
(The Critics of Art Association in San Paulo)

2. Best museographeric project given to architect Pedro Mendes da Rocha in 2002, from Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil - IAB (The Architects Institute of Brazil)