Nine Contemporaneous

Curator: Prof. Maria Izabel Branco Ribeiro

The exhibition assembles, in the same space, nine artists / professors of FAAP, and presents 14 works of art belonging to MAB's collection selected for its contemporaneousness.

The gathering of these artists, who have already a solidly built career, enriched the exhibition by showing the difference between styles, concepts and materials selected.

The Artists: Beth Moysés, Edson Lourenço, Geórgia Kyriakakis, Herman Tacasey, Lázaro Eliseu Moura, Luiz Cláudio Mubarac, Mônica Barth, Mônica Schoenacker, Sandra Cinto.


Curator: Marcos Moraes

The exhibition assembles 13 artists recently graduate of Faculty of Fine Arts and it is their starting point to integrate the artistic market.

This exhibition is the result of a work initiated in faculty, giving our students the possibility to create an exhibition. They followed all phases necessary to put together an exhibition, such as: knowledge of the space, choice of the works of art, creation of a project, production, installation, etc.

The Artists: Alexandre Assaly, Ana Kesselring, Camila Schmidt Veiga, Carlota Mazon Albejante, Floriana Breyer, Julia do Val, Lavinia Camargo, Mariana Shellard, Mila Zacharias, Renata Castro Fagundes, Renata de Bonis, Rodrigo Scotto Sassi.

See here some images from the exhibition