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Foreign Trade Practices


The course offers the basics on foreign trade, including legal issues, with emphasis on the Brazilian rules for merchandise trade.


Students are expected to learn the basic concepts and practices related to foreign trade, with a specific focus on Brazil. Also, the course will cover legal aspects of the international exchange of goods and services, including their classification for customs.


  • Participation in class (10%), exam (40%), exercises (10%), and final paper (40%); Lowest grade: 0 (zero);
  • Highest grade for approval: 10 (ten);
  • Minimum grade for approval: 6 (six);
  • Minimum attendance for approval: 75%.
  1. Basic Concepts in Foreign Trade;
    1.  Which are the Rules and Authorities in the Field?;
    2.  Customs Policy, defense, and trade barriers;
    3. Documents for Exporting and Importing.
  2. Legal and Operational Issues and Classification of Goods;
    1. Price Formation and Incoterms;
    2. International Payments;
    3. Taxes and Duties;
    4. Logistics;
    5. Insurance and Freight;
    6. Financing and Drawback.
  3. Importing and Exporting in Brazil.
    1. History of Brazilian Foreign Trade;
    2. SISCOMEX (Brazilian Online System of Foreign Trade).

Vinícius Guilherme Rodrigues Vieira

School of Economics and International Relations of
Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado - FAAP, SP, Brazil
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Vinícius Guilherme Rodrigues Vieira

Vinícius Guilherme Rodrigues Vieira (DPhil International Relations, Oxford, 2015; M.A. in Latin American Studies, Berkeley, 2010).

Dr. Rodrigues Vieira teaches Economics and International Relations (IR) majors at FAAP since 2019. He has previously taught business undergraduates at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV, 2015-2018) and IR majors at the University of São Paulo (2015-2019), where he is still an Associate Researcher at the Center for the Study of International Negotiations (CAENI). Since 2015, Dr. Rodrigues Vieira is the Secretary of the International Political Economy Research Committee of the International Political Science Association (IPSA). His research interests focus on trade, finance, and nationalism, with special attention to those processes in Emerging Powers and Markets like Brazil, India, Turkey, South Africa, and South Korea. Dr. Rodrigues Vieira has already held teaching appointments at Berkeley (2008-2010) and Oxford (2011-2014), apart from research stints at Princeton (2016-17) and Yale Universities (2012).