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Biodiesel holds the promise of replace a significant fraction of diesel oil from in current use. Produced from agricultural products such as soyabeans, palm oil, canola, jatropha and others, biodiesel is a renewable fuel except for the inputs derived from fossil fuels used in its preparation. Choices for the raw materials to be used, technologies, costs and environmental impacts have to be evaluated to guarantee a wide acceptance of biodiesel as a replacement for diesel oil.

The Biodiesel International Conference will discuss all technical aspects of the production of biodiesel in different countries. For such purpose the program of the conference is organized in 3 modules:

  1. What is the present “status” of the technologies used for biodiesel production (in the agronomical and industrial areas)?
  2. What countries in several around the world are doing in this area?
  3. What companies are doing?

At the end of the day there will be a discussion among the invited speakers and the general public on the more general problem of the role of biofuels in the future of transportation as replacement for diesel oil as well as the policies being attempted to enhance its role.

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