Fundação Armando Alves Penteado


We are receiving registrations for the first semester of 2018. Deadline for applications July 31, 2017.


Candidate Profile:   Visual artists that work in the area

All the material, as well as the recommendation letters must be sent through the Residence website.

The recommendation letters must be requested by the artist through the website at the time of the application.

The project application must include:

period of residence: 2  to 6 months;

Payment of registration fee  by:

credit card details, by sending the following data for resartisfaap.info@faap.br

Name of the artist for identification:

- Full name as it is in the card
- Full card number
- Security code
- Expire date of the card
- Administrator

We do not accept international bank transfers and AMEX credit cards.

R$125,00 (one hundred twenty five Reais)  or U$75,00 (seventy five American dollars).

The  application made infers acceptance of all conditions of the regulation.

The material can be sent in any one of the following ways:

By the site or by mail: Praça do Patriarca, 78 - Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil. CEP: 01002-010.

For all versions, the acceptable formats are: Word, JPEG and PDF.

Iin the case of any questions please write to resartisfaap.info@faap.br

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