Candidate Profile
Visual artists working in the area

Note: Now receiving applications for residences between February and July 2015. ATTENTION: Dead line 16 July 2014.

Presentation of the project *:

• curriculum vitae and portfolio of the artist;
• application form (download below);
• 1 (one) 3x4 cm photography;
• copy of the regulation form fulfilled and signed, initialed on all pages (download below);  
• 2 (two) letters of recommendation signed by professionals of the area and sent to by the referees or mailed directly to Residencia Artistica FAAP in a sealed envelope.
• project to be developed which includes: purpose, description, material and human needs, schedule and any other relevant and useful information for the understanding of the proposal;
• proposed interaction among artist, FAAP and the community (eg.: workshops, classes, lectures, exhibitions, visits, partnerships);
• period of residence: 2 to 6 months;
• Payment of registration fee ** only by:

1. personally, in time scheduled with the administration by the email, and delivered at Praça do Patriarca, 78 – Sé, São Paulo.

2. credit card, by sending the following data for
- Full card number
- Security code
- Full name of the artist
- Expire date of the card
- Administrator


Beneficiary: Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado
Bank Name: Banco Bradesco SA
Agency Number: 0614-9
Account Number: 1369-2
After the deposit has been done, please send the receipt copy to the email

We do not accept international bank transfers.

* The submission for registration of the project will not be returned.
** The registration fee will not be refunded: R$75,00 (Seventy Five Reais) or U$50,00 (Fifty American Dollars)

The student's application involves knowledge and acceptance of all conditions of the regulation. The material can be sent in any one of the following ways:

By mail: Praça do Patriarca, 78 - Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil. CEP: 01002-010. Must include
CD / DVD with all the material in electronic version.

In person: at the same address for delivery by mail. Must include CD / DVD with all the material in electronic version.

By e-mail:

For all versions, the acceptable formats are: Word, JPEG and PDF.

Residência Artística FAAP
Praça do Patriarca,78 - Sé
01002-010 São Paulo - SP

Skype: residencia.artistica.faap

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