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International Monetary Fund

The Mexican Crisis of 1993 and the Tequila Effect

Dear Delegates,

We would like to welcome you to the XV FAAP Student Discussion Forum and to the International Monetary Fund Committee.

In this edition, we will have the pleasure to think about the problems that led the Mexican Crisis and its consequences, trying to figure out the best way to solve this issue, ensuring that all parties involved will have capacity to achieve its goals and we’d also like to say that you are able to change the way that the history was written, you may take different ways and maybe, find a possible new road to this question and, perhaps, a new way to deal with crisis.

Therefore, the board of directors, look forward to guide you in the discussion process in search of a solution to these international problems. We wish you an excellent study process, giving you the opportunity of stimulant debate during the XV FAAP Student Discussion Forum.

Carolina Comitre,
Marcel Matroni,
Nurah Bakri